Welcome to Our Blog

A little over three years ago a group of our city’s young advertising and marketing professionals set out to found Ad 2 Dallas—an affiliate of the Dallas chapter of AAF for the youngest members of our field. We’ve continued to grow our membership with the goal of educating ad/marketing professionals on developments in the industry, and connecting them with peers and mentors to set the pace for tomorrow. We’re proud to be furthering the careers of our members and to represent Ad 2 in a city full of opportunity. 

This is the first of many updates to the new Ad 2 Dallas blog—your destination for news and insights about Ad 2 Dallas and developments in the industry from around the Metroplex. We’ll be featuring insights, spotlighting agencies and leaders, recapping events and announcing new Ad 2 Dallas programs and initiatives. 

Think you might have something to add to the conversation? We’ll be searching for submissions from anyone interested in contributing to the blog. Keep an eye out for updates about how to submit your pitches.  

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts, and follow us on facebook and twitter! 

Ad 2 Dallas