This month's Board Members of the Month are our Diversity Co-Chairs, Leland Moses and Barbara Boretsky!

Barbara and Leland spent the last year hard at work on a groundbreaking "Diversity in Advertising" podcast. The first episode is officially recorded and complete! The podcast will consist of several first hand accounts from advertising professionals who give their perspective and experience regarding diversity in our industry. This extremely important conversation will shine a much needed light on growing and nurturing diversity in advertising.

Leland studied Journalism, Business and Sociology at the University of North Texas and  is currently a Marketing and Sales Associate for International Food Associates. Barbara received her degree from the University of North Texas in Journalism and Advertising, and is a Senior Account Executive at Imaginuity.

Thank you both for all of your hard work this year! 

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Why Advertisers Should Care About Net Neutrality
Day on the Hill 2017 with Reps.jpg

You’ve seen it all over the news. You’ve seen it trending on social media for days at a time. You’ve likely talked about it with friends and colleagues. After the FCC voted to kill net neutrality, people everywhere rallied to save it by urging Congress to overrule them using the Congressional Review Act. Without net neutrality, everyday consumers’ Internet behavior could be affected. Battle for the Net was created to help raise awareness about the issue and encourage people to voice their opinion to Congress. The repeal would also have major implications on the advertising industry. As an advertising professional, whether you are at an agency or in-house, it’s important to stay informed on how the repeal of net neutrality could affect your job.

The central question surrounding net neutrality is whether or not the Internet should be considered a public utility or a commodity. As it stands now, the Internet is seen as a public utility in which every user has equal access. The FCC ruling showcased that they thought of it as a commodity, therefore, it could be subject to up-selling. Who would be responsible for the up-selling? Internet service providers like Comcast & Verizon. These companies could be given the right to slow digital content or charge for preferential treatment.

It’s clear Internet users stand to lose quite a bit, but advertising professionals do as well. To begin, the price of Internet ads will noticeably increase. If these website costs go into effect, companies will have to pay more for their content to be seen by consumer. Advertisers must be weary of increased CPM which ultimately leads to lower ROI.

Professional ad organizations have worked tirelessly and invested a lot in standardizing viewability metrics for industry use.  A slower Internet connection means many ads will not load as quickly as they used to, therefore rendering previous standards. Many advertisers would have to revisit their KPIs in gauging ad performance with these changes in mind.

Another factor to keep in mind is placement of the ads. Many ISPs own media companies (ie. Verizon with Yahoo! and AOL). It is likely that publishers could cut deals with providers to ensure their preferred content would not count against user data plans. Advertisers would have to be cognizant of these partners while also keeping in mind that these preferred media firms could hike up ad prices.

Without net neutrality, we would likely see an advertising marketplace where brands with larger ad budgets thrive while challenger brands and startups fade. Competition would heighten as brands try to outspend one another to get the recognition they once did from advertising. Those with smaller budgets would need to get creative in how they reach their target audiences.

The FCC voted in December 2017 to repeal the 2015 net neutrality regulations, which prohibited broadband providers from blocking or slowing down traffic and banned them from offering ways for companies to pay extra to reach consumers more quickly than competitors. Parts of the order went into effect on April 23, 2018, but many significant changes still need to be approved by the Office of Management and Budget.

With all these measures taking effect at a national level, many net neutrality supporters have not yet given up hope at a national level. Several states have passed their own measures to counteract what’s going on at a national level. If any of these possible changes concern you as an advertiser, it is important to make your voice heard to those who represent you at a state level. Reach out to your current local representative, Ted Cruz, to let them know how you would be affected personally and professionally without net neutrality. There is also a midterm election coming up in November 2018. Ad 2 Dallas encourages you to do your research on candidates to get their stance on net neutrality. If you have any questions about how to make a difference, please reach out to us at  

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Board Member of the Month - March 2018
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Congratulations to our March Board Member of the Month Labri Heaton! Labri is our Creative Chair and assists both our Marketing and Communications team and Programs team to provide top notch creative collateral for our club's events and promotions.

Labri is known for working quickly and on a tight deadline - a skill very much appreciated on our board and in the wonderful world of advertising! Labri is our newest board member and we are SO lucky to have her. 

Labri studied Design and Visual Communications at The University of Texas at Arlington and Architecture at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

She is currently a Graphic Designer at Tuesday Morning. Fun fact: Labri has a passion for volunteering and serving economically disadvantaged youth and has participated in several programs and organizations both domestically and internationally.  

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Ad 2 Dallas' 2018 Non-Profit Campaign - Be Her First Step

We’re a part of an advertising club called Ad 2 Dallas. Every year, Ad 2 selects a local non-profit to create a fully integrated advertising campaign for – all at no cost. This year, we selected Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support. What we loved about Genesis was their hunger to shift attitudes about domestic violence.

After collaboration with production company, Lucky 21, we created the Be Her First Step campaign (see attached press release). This campaign includes :30 and :15 TV, digital OOH featured in Victory Park (in the American Airlines Center), :15 and :10 radio, and tons of social content. We also launch the first-ever Genesis blog to help them be a thought leader in the community, as well as amicrosite.

So, what’s next? We’re currently concepting an internal “hype/manifesto” video that will launch during their May luncheon with guest speaker, Hilary Swank (yes, you read that right!). Once that’s completed, we’ll package up all of our efforts and compete against 20+ other clubs at ADMERICA in Chicago June 6-9. Wish us luck!

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Board Member of the Month - February 2018

Congratulations to our February Board Members of the Month, also known as our amazing Public Service team. Please help me congratulate Jesse Barnett, Michelle McCain, and Chris Petrawski (not pictured).

Jesse, Michelle and Chris took home the prestigious BMOTM baskets this month thanks to months of tireless hard work!

This year Element Ad 2, the public service pro-bono advertising agency, partnered with local nonprofit, Genesis Women's Shelter & Support, to create the "Be Her First Step" campaign. The idea stemmed from the insight that in order stop domestic violence, you must first learn about it. Domestic violence is a huge issue in our community that affects women and children of all backgrounds, and it's not just physical abuse - it's verbal, spiritual, financial, etc. Through the television and social ads directing viewers to the Genesis website and first-ever blog, we'll be providing Dallas with the educational tools they need to fight domestic violence - allowing them to be her first step toward a better life.

Jesse Barnett graduated Summa Cum Laude from Louisiana State University and is currently an Account Manager at BBDO Worldwide. Michelle McCain received her Bachelor's Degree in Strategic Communications and Spanish from Texas Christian University and is a Brand Manager at The Richards Group. Chris Petrawski is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business at the University of Dallas. Chris has his Masters Degree in Marketing from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Thank you, Public Service team, for ALL that you do!

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Board Member of the month - January 2018

Congratulations to our January Board Member of the Month, Brian Mauricio!! 

As our Content Specialist on the MarComm team, Brian is responsible for collaborating with our MarComm chair and Creative Chair to craft eye-catching and on-brand copy for our email blasts, social media posts and any other outward facing written materials that go out to our members and the general public. 

Brian has been instrumental in the upcoming Ad 2 Dallas rebrand as he devises a new slogan that will both explain what we do and who we are as an organization. Thank you for all you do, Brian!

Brian received his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Texas A&M University, and currently works at Aerus as an Email and Marketing Communications Specialist.

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Board Member of the Month - December 2017

Congratulations to our December Board Member of the Month, Hilary Watson!! 

As our Membership Chair, Hilary is responsible for the entire Ad 2 Dallas membership on boarding process, including attraction, retention and organization. She sends out monthly Membership Certificates to our new members to make them feel welcome and is the first person our event attendees meet. Hilary is also known to help behind the scenes wherever needed, including printing flyers for event promotion. Hilary attended both the Mid Year Conference and Central Region Conference this year to represent Ad 2 Dallas. Thank you for everything you do, Hilary! 

Hilary received her Bachelors Degree in Graphic Information Technology from Arizona State University and is currently a Scheduling Compliance Manager at Orora Visual.

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board member of the month - october 2017

Please join us in congratulating Ad 2 Dallas' September Board Members of the Month: Katarina Sipan and McKenzie Teng!

As our Education Chair, Katarina focuses on providing beneficial learning opportunities for professionals in the advertising field. She partners with local universities to be a resource for students aspiring to start a career in advertising, and identifies and cultivates relationships with top players in our industry that provide knowledge, mentorship and opportunity. Our first Education event, Level Up, featured 2 highly regarded guests and had record breaking attendance. Fantastic job, Kat!

Katarina received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Southern Methodist University, and is currently an Assistant Account Executive at BBDO Worldwide. 

As our Creative Chair, McKenzie is responsible for our club's creative marketing materials, social media graphics, email design, website design and much more! Mckenzie has set the standard for what Ad 2 Dallas' brand should look like so we can stay relevant in our industry! McKenzie recently spearheaded a branding project to elevate our website presence: new professional headshots for the board! She coordinated a professional photographer, photoshoot location, and art directed the shoot to make sure we looked great. Thanks for all you do, McKenzie!

McKenzie received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Arlington, and is currently an Art Director for Organic | BBDO. 

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Board member of the month - september 2017

Please join us in congratulating Ad 2 Dallas' August Board Member of the Month: Katie Kennedy! As our MarComm Chair, Katie has been responsible for organizing social media and email blast output/content, helping to redefine the creative brief process and keeping everyone on track like a rockstar! MarComm is such an integral part of every club, so we thank you for your dedication and hard work; keep it up! 

Katie has her Bachelor's degree in Advertising and an Executive MBA. Katie's career has spanned Account Services, Market Research Analysis and Business Development at several notable agencies including Moroch, Publicis and The Marketing Arm. Katie is currently a Sr. Account Executive at MonkeyTag managing digital and print campaigns for Samsung. 

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Industry Insights with Amber Pizano

My name is Melissa Woodring and I've been working with Amber Pizano at BSN SPORTS for about 6 months. It's my pleasure to feature Amber as part of the Industry Insights series for Ad 2 Dallas' blog. It's my hope that aspiring young professionals in the advertising, marketing, and communications industry will find this interview with Amber as helpful as I did.

She has a real knack for going after what she wants, and that’s been very inspiring to me while working for her in my role. Amber sat down with me to talk about her career history, current job, and overall view on the Marketing industry.

What are your primary job responsibilities?

I’m responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of all marketing programs at BSN SPORTS, the largest distributor of team sports apparel and equipment in the U.S.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in advertising? (Hint – She didn’t, at first)

I can’t stress the importance enough of interning during college. Not only does it give you the competitive edge necessary to land your dream job after graduation; but it steers you in the right career path. My first internship at D Magazine taught me that I didn’t want to be a Magazine Editor after all, and I found my next role in Marketing to be the right fit!

What is your favorite part of your current position?

I love all the opportunities to increase the impact that the marketing department has on our bottom line. Digital marketing is an untapped channel at the company, which we can use to increase brand awareness, generate substantial volume of qualified leads for our sales force, and greatly increase our e-commerce capabilities and revenue.

What new trends are you noticing in advertising and marketing? How are they being utilized?

It feels redundant to even say so, because it’s everywhere; but marketing automation is where it’s at. They are the timeliest and most targeted means of communication that are guaranteed to be relevant, because the user’s own behavior is what’s triggering the marketing piece.

Utilizing platforms that allow you to see your customer’s actions across all channels (like a HubSpot or a SalesForce+ESP) is going to become the standard in the next few years. 

Who are your mentors and what’s one major piece of advice they’ve shared that’s been a game changer for your career?

Donna Coletti, the Director of International Communications and Market Research at Texas Instruments, was my first and most impactful mentor! She taught me to look at every roadblock or frustration as an opportunity. She guided me in how to navigate the political waters of corporate America; which were not intuitive for me as a Navy Veteran, recently out of service. The reality is that being politically savvy in corporate America, is nearly as important to your career as producing outstanding results.

What’s your ultimate career aspiration?

I plan to bring about the digital revolution at BSN SPORTS, so that we are the technological leader in the team sports industry.

Career wise, I love that no day is the same and no matter how good I think I might be at it, there’s a new tool, trend, or campaign just waiting to be explored. I guarantee my day will look entirely different next year compared to what it is today.

Melissa Woodring is the Digital Marketing Manager at BSN SPORTS. With a background in social media, communications, and marketing, Melissa is focused on maintaining relationships, developing content, and forming online strategies in order to build better brand awareness. She's a contributing writer for the Ad 2 Dallas Blog.

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