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At the core of Ad 2, a subsidiary of AAF,  is our dedication to giving back and bettering our Dallas community. Nationally, these initiatives set the Ad 2 organization apart from other industry clubs and allow our Element Ad 2 agency team to do real work for real clients! 

Locally, we understand that Nonprofit Organizations give all they can in support of their cause and do not always have the time, budget or expertise to promote their efforts. That’s where we come in. Meet Element Ad 2 the pro-bono Advertising Agency, comprised of industry professionals, ready to apply our expertise to Nonprofits in need of marketing and advertising support.
From many deserving applicants, Ad 2 Dallas has the difficult task of selecting a single Nonprofit Organization to partner with for the coming year. The agency, Element Ad 2, will conduct research, concept and execute a fully-integrated advertising campaign at no cost to the Nonprofit Organization.

Element Ad 2 is made up of passionate and creative young professionals from the Metroplex’s top ad, marketing and communications agencies. We are producers, writers, designers, media planners, strategists and everything in between. We exist to help organizations that selflessly serve the underserved, disadvantaged, overlooked and at-risk. We do so at zero cost to our clients because we love doing the work we do, and we believe in bettering our community.

Public Service teams from Ad 2 chapters across the US have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, secured millions in donated media, increased volunteers and therefore furthered the impact for numerous Nonprofit Organizations. Public Service leaders from Ad 2 chapters across the country have the opportunity to present campaign work and results at ADMERICA, the AAF National Conference, held annually in June.
Sound interesting? We want to hear from Dallas-area young professionals AND local Nonprofit Organizations (501c3) with marketing/advertising needs.

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