Industry Insights with Amber Pizano

“The seemingly endless opportunities in Digital Marketing make me feel like a kid in a candy shop.” – Amber Pizano, Marketing Director, BSN SPORTS

My name is Melissa Woodring and I've been working with Amber Pizano at BSN SPORTS for about 6 months. It's my pleasure to feature Amber as part of the Industry Insights series for Ad2Dallas' blog. It's my hope that aspiring young professionals in the advertising, marketing, and communications industry will find this interview with Amber as helpful as I did.

She has a real knack for going after what she wants, and that’s been very inspiring to me while working for her in my role. Amber sat down with me to talk about her career history, current job, and overall view on the Marketing industry.

What are your primary job responsibilities?

I’m responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of all marketing programs at BSN SPORTS, the largest distributor of team sports apparel and equipment in the U.S.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in advertising? (Hint – She didn’t, at first)

I can’t stress the importance enough of interning during college. Not only does it give you the competitive edge necessary to land your dream job after graduation; but it steers you in the right career path. My first internship at D Magazine taught me that I didn’t want to be a Magazine Editor after all, and I found my next role in Marketing to be the right fit!

What is your favorite part of your current position?

I love all the opportunities to increase the impact that the marketing department has on our bottom line. Digital marketing is an untapped channel at the company, which we can use to increase brand awareness, generate substantial volume of qualified leads for our sales force, and greatly increase our e-commerce capabilities and revenue.

What new trends are you noticing in advertising and marketing? How are they being utilized?

It feels redundant to even say so, because it’s everywhere; but marketing automation is where it’s at. They are the timeliest and most targeted means of communication that are guaranteed to be relevant, because the user’s own behavior is what’s triggering the marketing piece.

Utilizing platforms that allow you to see your customer’s actions across all channels (like a HubSpot or a SalesForce+ESP) is going to become the standard in the next few years. 

Who are your mentors and what’s one major piece of advice they’ve shared that’s been a game changer for your career?

Donna Coletti, the Director of International Communications and Market Research at Texas Instruments, was my first and most impactful mentor! She taught me to look at every roadblock or frustration as an opportunity. She guided me in how to navigate the political waters of corporate America; which were not intuitive for me as a Navy Veteran, recently out of service. The reality is that being politically savvy in corporate America, is nearly as important to your career as producing outstanding results.

What’s your ultimate career aspiration?

I plan to bring about the digital revolution at BSN SPORTS, so that we are the technological leader in the team sports industry.

Career wise, I love that no day is the same and no matter how good I think I might be at it, there’s a new tool, trend, or campaign just waiting to be explored. I guarantee my day will look entirely different next year compared to what it is today.


Melissa Woodring is the Digital Marketing Manager at BSN SPORTS. With a background in social media, communications, and marketing, Melissa is focused on maintaining relationships, developing content, and forming online strategies in order to build better brand awareness. She's a contributing writer for the Ad2Dallas Blog.

Defending the Advertising Industry

You’ve probably been reading a lot about the upheaval happening across Washington as the new administration and congress begin to take action. You may even be inspired to become more politically-involved in your community by fighting for what you care about most. However far left, right, or somewhere in the middle you fall, it’s important to know how you, as an advertising professional, will be directly affected.

            Currently businesses are able to write off all advertising expenses on their taxes as necessary costs for investing in growth and promotion of commerce. This tax cut is key to keeping the overhead costs of advertising down. A tax repeal proposal drafted by former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Dave Camp, is aiming to reduce the maximum corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. In order to help offset the loss in tax revenue, the proposal is looking to cut tax reductions on advertising. Businesses and advertisers would be expected to absorb 50% of the total costs of advertising expenses. The other 50% would be amortized over a period of 10 years.

Advertising is the engine of our economy. Not only does it make it easier to inform consumers about products and services, it helps fund the media industry that provides our entertainment, news, and sports. Nearly 15% of all jobs in Texas are produced by advertising, resulting in over $530 billion of economic activity.  Burdening the advertising industry with higher taxes will stunt the proliferation of sales and jobs. Expert economists have even scrutinized the proposal as the decrease in corporate taxes wouldn’t help offset the increased costs of advertising.

The most important action you can take now is to write your congressmen about how important advertising is to your local economy. Emphasize that you’re an advertising professional and the continued growth of your industry relies on not repealing the tax cuts. Your letter doesn’t have to be long and should be in your own words, but we need to have a unified voice if we’re going to make a difference. Find out who your senator and representative is by clicking the respective links for their addresses.

Ad2Dallas and the American Advertising Federation encourage you to be part of this grassroots movement to protect our industry. If you have any questions about how to make a difference, please reach out to us at

Hello Dallas - Saatchi, Team One and Conill's Housewarming

It wasn’t even an hour into the party and people were fighting for room. You could see the windows of Hotel ZaZa lined with ad professionals as many more waited outside on a crisp Thursday night. Saatchi & Saatchi invited talent from all over Dallas to celebrate the opening of their new Uptown office with agencies Team One and Conill. It was a night of cocktails, art, music, and networking.

Living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Toyota moving their North American headquarters into the neighborhood. You’ve also probably been hearing how great this will be for jobs and our local economy. Toyota’s advertising partner, Saatchi & Saatchi, is opening their new office to be part of the job growth and continue providing top-tier creative work for the automotive giant.

"There's so much great talent here and we are excited to become part of the Dallas Ad community. We look forward to opening our doors in the next couple of months, but in the meantime this event was a fun way to kick it off,” remarked Team One Executive Creative Director, Tim Wettstein. “Hope everyone had a great time and got to know us and our culture a bit more. Thank you Dallas and everyone who stopped by and said hi."

Team One and Conill are looking to expand their Dallas teams. Even if you didn’t make it out for the house warming party, you should still check out the opportunities they’re offering. You may just be the innovative and aspirational individual they’re looking for.

Ad2Dallas is proud to be a part of events like Hello Dallas that help connect young advertising professionals with industry experts, agency leaders, and talent recruiters. We host workshops, happy hours, and networking events to connect you with the local advertising community. We hope to see you at the next big event! Just leave the résumé at home and come out for a good time.

Industry Insights with Amanda Jordan

Amanda Jordan serves on the Board of Directors for Ad2Dallas as a membership chair in helping young professionals and students get connected through our volunteer organization. By day, she’s a Creative Recruiter for the Dallas branch of The BOSS Group, a talent agency that provides job seekers opportunities to find digital and marketing positions. Amanda provides her clients with the best possible candidates for their creative needs.

Building Your Personal Brand Online

Whether you already work in advertising, marketing, and communications, or are aspiring to make your big break, you already understand the power of branding. However, what are you doing on a personal level to build up your own brand online? How are you making yourself stand out from the crowd?

ElementAd2 Seeking Nonprofits

Is your non-profit fighting for a cause? Whether that cause is helping spread awareness for those in need, or driving charitable donations, you’re here to serve others. But who’s here to serve you? Who helps you get the word out for your cause?

ElementAd2 is a public service advertising agency looking to serve your non-profit with a fully pro bono ad campaign.  We’re comprised of top young marketing professionals in the Dallas area who want to help spread awareness for your organization at no cost to you.

Check out the infographic about ElementAd2 and how you can get the word out. We’re accepting applications at

Welcome to Our Blog

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